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MWS restart.

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MWS restart instructions done over the phone.

1. BIAS was timed out - Go to PS rack (west side of 8Pi - in ISAC 1 Experimental Hall) and press enable green button (at the top of the rack, on the right side)
2. Go back to EPICS and configure IOS:BIAS canbas
3. Restart IOS:BIAS (RST P/S) and IOS:RFS
4. Wait for 5 min and see if the source comes on (monitor the current on IOS:FC6)
5. If the source is not coming on, increase the gas (see grabscreen bellow) from 0 to 1, wait and watch the current on IOS:FC6. When the current comes up, bring the gas flow back to 0.
I followed steps 1-5 and I was able to get 1nA on IOS:FC6. Damien also suggested to optimize the beam on IOS:FC6 by touching IOS:B1A, IOS:XCB1AW, IOS:XCB1AE wile watching MW Source Skimmers for minimum spill.
IOS front end tune saved as: 090404_1142.snapiosfc6
Maximizing the current on IOS:FC6 coming next.

Refer to elog entry 2009-04-04 @ 12:09pm for screen grabs.

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