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Operations / Control Room

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Secondary Alarm Handler Machine in ISAC II Ctr Room

In the event of tooheys (the machine that usually runs the ALH) failure, grolsch (the machine at the right of safety monitoring system) can be used to monitor alarm handler. Grolsch is equipped with a set of speakers.

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Beam Blocker Check During Vault Lock-up

Date: November 10, 2006 By: J. Aoki From: Doug Preddy

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In Case of a Power Outage: After the Site Power is Restored

During the last power outages the ISAC generator did not correctly transfer back to normal power. ISAC-II was affected adversely, in particular, the UPS system for the Computing Centre lost its power source. If the transfer does not go correctly, the UPS will only last about 15 minutes. Pictures of devices referred to are attached to the ION of Dec. 20, 2006.

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--obsolete-- Safety Interlock Defeats

"The attached note summarizes a discussion Andy and I had regarding interlock defeats." - John Drozdoff

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SCRF Cleanroom Shielding Door Instructions

End date: Until interlocks are installed.

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Attached are a few "Blue Book" notes from 500MeV Ops regarding the operation of 2A.

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FAS "Defeat" Procedures

Date: December 20, 2006 From: Mark Stenning Work Permit requirements for maintenance or modifications to the fire alarm system.

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Switching Beam-Modes (High Energy Destinations Only)

Instructions for switching beam modes (when running to high energy experiments). SEBT:BB20 is often left 'out' when doing a beam mode switch. Opening or closing IOS:B13 with SEBT:BB20 'out' will cause an RMS alarm.

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Optimizing magnets for RIBs using a Channeltron

An email that was sent by Mike Trinczek regarding magnet optimization for low-intensity RIBs.

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Approvals required for removing hatch blocks in ISAC

Added to the updated manual ("Work Permits") on March 21, 2013 -- JA

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ISAC Test Stand Monitoring

Instructions from Friedhelm for response to the test stand vacuum alarms.

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-- obsolete -- ITE and ITW Faraday cage lockup / opening procedures

These were given to Don Jackson but will also be of use to ISAC Ops. Current as of April 20, 2010.

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TRIUMF Floor Warden Duties

ISAC Operations is listed ( as backup Floor Wardens for the ISAC-I and ISAC-II Experimental Halls.

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Target Hall Camera Control

Instructions provided by Travis Cave (re: how to control Target Hall cameras). From the ICR we cannot control them.

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How to get the EPICS menu back

This is instructions on how to get the EPICS menu back when you accidentally closed it.

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