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RFQ RF Auto On Procedure
-- obsolete -- RFQ recovery procedure
incorporated into manual March 2014 - TA Date: June 17, 2003
--obsolete-- DTL Amplifier Lockouts
-- obsolete -- Resetting the RF Control System
incorporated into manual March 2014- TA
RFQ RF Auto-On Procedure
Date: December 1, 2006 By: Violeta Toma
SCRF Solenoid PS Startup
--obsolete-- Superconducting Solenoid Power Supply Instructions
***IMPORTANT***: Please make this one of the first things to do during a power outage!!!
-- obsolete -- MEBT Bunch Rotator startup instructions
incorporated into manual March 2014 - TA Instructions for starting the MEBT Bunch Rotator. Email exchange between Jon Aoki and Zheng Ting Ang on March 30, 2009 -- edited.
ISAC-I RF: Zhengting's Powerpoint presentation
Jan. 11, 2012
-- obsolete -- ISAC-I RF Response to 'Cavity Flickering' before contacting Zhengting
incorporated into manual March 2014 - TA edited/approved by Zheng ting Jan. 2012
Maximum DTL Amplitude Setpoints -- March 28, 2012
Provided by Zhengting Ang. DTL amplitude setpoints must not be increased above the specified thresholds.
ISAC-I RF device troubleshooting (pictures from Zhengting)
for ISAC OPS to have readily available when calling an expert
DTL "Low Level RF" Signal Missing
Vladimir's SCRF Presentation - Shutdown 2013
-- obsolete -- ISAC-II SCRF Cavity "Manual" Start Procedure (through EPICS)
incorporated into manual March 2014 - TA From Vladimir on July 20, 2013.
SCRF Cavity Recovery from local console
unapproved by Vladimir due to time constraints, 2013 - TA; incorporated into manual March 2014
Minimizing ISAC-I RF Amplifier Reflected Power by Adjusting Tuner Setpoint Locally
If an ISAC-I RF cavity amplifier is tripping often (including during startup) & doesn’t appear to be related to vacuum or an amplitude limit, the problem may be high reflected power. TA, April 27, 2014; incorporating into manual...
SCRF auto-on fail local response – P/S rm
incl. SCB2:CAV4 special case VZ, July 6, 2014
ISAC-I RF Overview / TRI-DN-16-02
This design note was crafted by parsing through various commissioning papers from ISAC-I and expert feedback. It is intended to provide an overview of the systems and their operating principles, in the aim of providing insignt into how/why things are tuned the way they are.
DTL4 Ramona
Fri, 26 August, 2016 3:02 pm Hi, Here is a little manual on how to start DTL 4 if AUTO-ON doesn't work after a trip. When the cavity is hot and the tuner position is too far off the optimum the AUTO-ON can be problematic. I hope this helps. Ramona
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