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Target Stations (ITW/ITE)

Procedure for Target Conditioning
Report on Interlocks Meeting
The "EE" 12.5mA Limit Problem
New procedure for pumping ISAC target
Date:May 21, 2002
ITE:EE Voltage limit
Superceded by Pierre's note:
ITE:EE voltage limit
ITE:EE voltage limit set by Pierre Bricault on March 13, 2009.
FEBIAD Source Startup Instructions
As per Pierre Bricault on March 13, 2009. A copy of these instructions has been placed in both copies of the ISAC Operations Manual.
ITW Einzel Lens PS disconnect
Lock out the ITW Einzel for ITW Faraday Cage (in the Electrical rm) and ITW pit access. If in doubt contact Mike McDonald, Ray Dube or Robert Laplante for assistance. These instructions will be obsolete when a standard interlock will be implemented (Sept 2009?)
Testing / Purging the ITW FEBIAD Gas System
Authored by Jon Aoki and approved by Friedhelm Ames -- Feb 26, 2010. The following procedure must be completed before source conditioning begins.
ITE/ITW Extraction Electrode (EE) Configurations/Modes
Document created by T.Dobre in consultation with F.Ames. Copies will be made available at both Faraday cages when the Electrical Room is accessible. --JA
IGLIS Presentation pdf
Henning, February 2014
IGLIS Presentation ppt
Henning, February 2014
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