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MEBT:DB5 Venting

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Sep. 6, 2006


A relief valve was intalled on the venting line of stripper foil box (MEBT:DB5) - don't ask when! I believe it is meant to prevent DB5 from being pressurinzed with N2 when venting.

Before venting, ensure there is N2 in the bottle and open the N2 bottle valve. Failure to do this will result in possibly venting DB5 to air: If the N2 bottle is empty, or the N2 bottle valve is closed, the relief valve allows air in the system. I don't think this is normal, but Dimo is away on vacation, so I have no one to ask.

AFTER the venting is done, it is important to immediately valve off the N2 bottle. Failure to do this will result in pressure built up in the line, and the relief valve opening. The result is an empty N2 bottle next time you want to vent.

Remember to shut off the N2 bottle valve immediately after venting MEBT:DB5.

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