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Tuning Tips

ISAC Front-End and Low Energy Beam Transport Tuning
Friedhelm's presentation (February 11, 2011)
Tuning -- Front-End to IMS:FC34.
Tuning strategies put together from tuning experience with the help of Mike Trinczek and Friedhelm Ames, edited by Mike and Friedhelm. Final version has been approved by Mike and Friedhelm. -- RT Emittance manipulation guidance provided by Rick & transcribed by TA.
Performing an IMS:YSLIT0 Scan
Performing a "Large Mass Scan"
Finding Beam after the Mass Separator Magnet (IMS:MB2).
Tuning beam through LEBT (to the Last Faraday Cup Before the Experiment)
Tuning through the Polarizer
expected transmissions
Experiment - 8Pi - Tuning Tips
through the slits & collimator --TA, Feb. 2011 & corrected by JA
Experiment - bNMR (Platform -- ILE2A3) and bNQR (Polarimeter -- ILE2A1) - Tuning Tips
Place Holder -- Experiment - DRAGON - Tuning Tips
Place Holder -- Experiment - TACTIC - Tuning Tips
TITAN's MCP's & restrictions in Polarizer
MCP locations (& how to diagnose whether they're blocking beam); adjustable collimator locations in Polarizer
Experiment - OSAKA (ILE2A) - Tuning Tips
MTV scaler explanation (Matt)
Place Holder -- Experiment - Yield Station - Tuning Tips
Place Holder -- How To Use Diagnostics
Place Holder -- How To Confirm that Beam is On-Axis (Quads On / Off test)
Place Holder -- How To Center the Beam Horizontally Between 45 Degree Benders
Typical device "Increment" settings while tuning.
Place Holder -- Miscellaneous Notes
FEBIAD Source Startup
Training session was held on January 31, 2012 by F.Ames.
Descriptions of tuning functions of IMS quads and benders
This is a list of the tuning functions of various IMS quadrupoles and benders.
LEBT Beam Envelope Calculator Presentation
By Suresh Saminathan. March 14th, 2013
Suresh's BNMR and BNQR Tuning Procedures - April 16, 2014
Replaces (April 16, 2014, July 17, 2013, June 14, 2013, May 23, 2013)
Tuning touchables during (RIB) delivery to ISAC-II experiments
These tips were recorded by Tiffany and reviewed by Marco & Friedhelm. It gives us a tuning guide for optimizing the experiment's count rate.
TUDA-I Energy Change Procedure
Procedure for TUDA energy change during run starting Aug 14, 2014.
double-focus @ prebuncher location (RS)
horizontal emittance scan parameters 2013
Janes Mass Scaling Display
Tuning the ISAC-I Accelerator Systems - SK edits
JA's document w/ Spencer's edits as of Sept. 4/13, included a note on prague magnet overheating Mar. 3/14 - ta.
*note: this document was uploaded to create a placeholder & it is still under review
New Tune Scaling Program Instructions (2012)
edited by SK, sent to Marco, not yet approved - TA; Apr. 12, 2014
Experiment - Trinat - Tuning Tips
I should have included the attached with the Beam Properties Request. Simple sketch of the ion optics under locate TRINAT control, BPM profiles from 2002, and typical transmission (JB, May 22/14). ILZ:IV6/10 not to be opened w/out John Behr's permission (ILZ:IG1 reads e-11 Torr ('good') when off). FC10A not to be tuned to w/out John Behr's permission (likely request <1enA). ILZ:FC10 expect ~66% of FC5, FC10A expect ~100% of FC5. When tuning on FC10A, John can send collimator signal to FC10.
Experiment - Titan - Tuning Tips
by Ayan Sen; July 31, 2014
Reseting Tank3/Buncher2/Buncher3
If you encounter problems with DTL:Tank3/Buncher2/Buncher3 (but all other cavities work correctly), try the following ... At the local RF console (north mezzanine, west console): 1) Close and then re-open the following RF control programs: buncher2, buncher3, dtl3, auxx1, and auxx2 (auxx1/2 are labelled "AUX Control Server V7.03" in the task bar). 2) Try starting the cavities. If unsuccessful, repeat step 1. If the second attempt doesn't work, reboot the RF console.
Restarting SCC3 if Tuner and Phase lock was lost.
Instructions given by V. Zvyagintsev on how to restore SCC3 if the Tuner and Phase lock was lost and unable to lock manually in ICR. This could potentially apply to other modules as well.
itw w/ ee, el, q1, q2 theory
from ayan
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