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Chemical Treatment Bottle in the penthouse

Contributors: Violeta Toma
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Date: May 29, 2002/June 3, 2002

Violeta wrote:


Neil asked us not to touch the valves at the blue chemical treatment bottles. The bottles are located in the penthouse, on the N wall, behind the raw water pumps. Leave the valves however Niel sets them.


Neil wrote:


In recent months, I found a few times that the valves of the raw water chemical pot were shut off by somebody without my acknowledge.

This chemical pot is fabricated by mild steel. The "Bromocide" tablets we add into this pot is meant to be dissolved slowly by a small amount of water flow passing the pot into the raw water system to maintain a free chlorine level and to prevent algae grow up as we do a swimming pool. By shut off the valves the chemical pot will stop the free chlorine flow into the system; instead it will cause the chlorine level build up inside the pot. The high chlorine level water is very corrosive; even a stainless  steel pot can be corroded in a short period.

Please pass this memo to the personel related to ISAC Operation. Make sure that the same or similar event will not happen again.


Thanks for your attention.




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