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ISAC Raw Water Leak

Problem fixed wp#2008-01-24-1

By Violeta Toma (with further comments from the hardcopy ION note added)

Date: Dec. 6, 2007



A water leak developed on the supply raw water line, between the cooling
tower and the raw water pump.
The leak is at a welding point, where the water treatment line tees into
the supply pipe.
To fix the leak, the water has to be drained. This means that the whole
ISAC cooling water system (non-active, low-active and high-active) has
to be shut off.
The estimated time for repair is 8 hours (this would include draining
the water, weld and refill the system).
The target heaters would have to be ramped down and all ISAC systems
that are water cooled would have to be turned off first (lasers included).

The pipe that developed the leak is located just above the Cooling
Towers VFD. There is a tray, with a drain that collects the water from
the leak, preventing it to reach the VFDs.

The worst case scenario is if the welding suddenly lets go and water
starts gushing out. This seems rather unlikely (low pressure), but if it
happens the following should be done:
1. start target heaters ramp-down
2. turn off all water cooled systems
3. turn off raw water pump (P1 or P2)
4. valve off raw water supply line (supply for P1 = COND6, for P2 = COND8)
5. valve off the raw water pump discharge (discharge for P1 = COND7, for P2 = COND9)
6. turn off P20 (chiller supply pump)
7. shut off P20 valve (intake or discharge - doesn't matter)
8. call in Carsten for emergency repair (or who ever else Curtis
designates and provides a phone number for).

ISAC Operations will check the leak once per shift.

If the leak stays at today's rate, we can run till the end of scheduled
beam time.

(Call Curtis Ballard (604-224-7090) at home first, then Carsten (Paul, Carsten's alternate: 604-275-6280).)



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