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-- Obsolete -- Nuclear Ventilation / EF12 in Auto

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The reasons for this ION is no longer relevant, but the effect and reasons still are.

By John McKinnon, January 26, 2007


On Jan 22, 2007, Rob Walker put EF12 on auto mode, setting the volume to 3300cfm. With the proton beam off, we wanted to see the nuclear ventilation characteristics when the West target was online. We felt that because the West station draws less air through the target hall in order to reach operating depressions, the VFD/EF12 may behave differently. The conclusion from this test is that because we are no longer taking protons, and the fan output is ≈ 85% as opposed to 92%, we will be fine. It is safe to be in auto mode. This amends the entry of Nov 30, 2006.

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