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--obsolete-- Low Intensity Monitors

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Original: ISAC ION by Marco Marchetto

Date: Dec. 3, 2007


- HEBT:SID9: Under MEBT:OPTICS, page 2

     Scaler of MEBT:SID9 -> ISAC:LIDCNT1:S3 (Scaler 3), under HEBT:OPTICS, page 1, ISAC:LIDCNT1.

- SEBT:SID20: Under SEBT:OPTICS, page 2

     Scaler of SEBT:SID20 -> SEBT:LIDCNT1:S7 (Scaler 7), under SEBT:OPTICS, page 1, SEBT:LIDCNT1.

- SEBT3A:SID4: Scaler on the device page: Scaler4 (S4)

     The scaler is under SEBT:SCALER (on the device page)


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