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New Channeltron in Front of TITAN

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From an ION written by Mike Trinczek

Date: Nov. 16, 2007

A channeltron has been installed just upstream of TITAN on the 45° (from horizontal) beamline leading up to TITAN. It can be found on ILE2T optics (1) page, labelled ILE2T:CEM1. Its count rate is read out on scaler ISAC:LIDCNT1:S13.

Since it is a channeltron, only very low intensity beam should be put on it. To make sure it is safe to insert, first put beam onto the low-intensity diagnostic, DIAG19, in the vertical section, which is interlocked to ILT:FC7. If it is okay for DIAG19, then it is okay to put beam on CEM1. We will add an interlock for CEM1 shortly.

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