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-- obsolete -- RFQ recovery procedure

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incorporated into manual March 2014 - TA Date: June 17, 2003

Use the "Resetting the RF Control System" procedures first, as the RFQ control system has been changed to be similar to the other ISAC-I RF systems. Use the procedures below if the "Resetting the RF Control System" procedures are not successful.

(Concerning the RFQ control "glitch" last night, Zheng Ting gave me a crach course on recovering the RFQ control: In addition to the "RF Control recovery" instructions (see last post-it-ed ION book entry), also do this (if that did notwork):

  1. RF off first
  2. Go to RFQ tuner window and tweak the slider above the set point until the dial on the upper right of the NIM bin labeled "Tunner position" goes to ~40.
  3. Set the RFQ set point to ~500 to restart.
  4. Turn the RFQ on using the OFF - On button and wait until the digital dial above the computer screen goes to 35.36 Hz.
  5. Switch from "self excited" mode to "driven"
  6. If it does not work try 1-6 again after doing the RF control recovery procedures. It may take 2-3 times to work.
  7. Repeat ad nauseum.
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