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-- obsolete -- MEBT Bunch Rotator startup instructions

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incorporated into manual March 2014 - TA Instructions for starting the MEBT Bunch Rotator. Email exchange between Jon Aoki and Zheng Ting Ang on March 30, 2009 -- edited.

Just comments  on rotator       'AUTO on' RF
Turn on rf by click 'Auto On',  then see the rf on Green light appears;
Click 'CW' ,  after you see rf on green light for seconds, no other 
Green lights on;
   or when  all Green lights on, but  Tuner loop is not closed (black)
You have to click  'Tuner lock  ON'  
Then you get the rotator in normal operation. (RF control people are going
 to find the bugs, but I do not know when).


> Hey all,
> Zhengting asked me to pass on some instructions regarding the MEBT Bunch
> Rotator ...
> If the Rotator trips off, check the Amplifier I/L page 
> and note which interlock condition(s) exist.  If all interlock
> conditions have cleared there is a good chance that the trip was caused by
> a vacuum excursion (common while running the Rotator -- caused by
> multipactoring).
> If all interlock conditions have cleared, click on 'Amplifier Mon' and try
> resetting the amplifier.  If the amplifier does not come on right away try
> clicking 'Reset' => 'On' => 'Reset' => 'On' several times.  Zhengting is
> not sure why the Rotator requires several resets before starting.
> Once the amplifier is on press 'Auto On' to start the RF.  If this does
> not work, you may need to manually turn on the RF, CW, Amp Lock, Phase
> Lock and Tuner Lock.
> I added this to the device notes on the MEBT:INTROTA page.
> Jon
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