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SCRF Solenoid PS Startup

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By Rob Shanks, April 20, 2007

Some modifications were made to the operation of the SCRF solenoid power supplies after a power bump. Here are the new instructions from Dan Louie:

The modifications were done to ensure the solenoid power supply will reset to a zero current and zero voltage state after a power outage. To establish current in the solenoid after the power outage, do the following:

  1. Arm the Helium Conservation Module.
  2. Go to the power supply. The LCD display should read, "Quench Detected @XX A No PSwitch Installed." The QUENCH DETECT LED should be ON.
  3. Press the RESET/ZERO pushbutton.
  4. The RAMP/PAUSE LED will be on after a successful reset.
  5. Set power supply to previous current setting.



Subject:   [Ops] Solenoids off while no ISAC Ops on site
From:   "Spencer Kiy" <>
Date:   Tue, 1 April, 2014 4:58 pm
Priority:   Normal
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Hey All,

I just found out from Dave Kishi that the solenoids must be degaussed and
off anytime that we are not on site. This should be done because if there
is a cryo emergency while we are off site, the MCR don't know to (and
don't have write access to) degauss the solenoids.

We are still OK to use the solenoids during the day while we are on site
if needed for tuning, but they should be degaussed and turned off before
we leave for the night.



Obsolete:  Background:  from an ion note Jan. 2, 2007:

In the event that a site power interruption lasts more than 4 seconds the Helium conservation modules will become unarmed and effectively create a short circuit across the magnet supply lines which enables the magnets to dissipate its energy without boiling off the liquid helium.


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