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--obsolete-- DRAGON Perimeter Fence
--obsolete-- Energy Change for 23Na5+ to DRAGON
--obsolete-- Energy change during E810 23Na/Mg 5+ to DRAGON
Procedure for a small energy change
40Ca energy change procedure
This procedure was written for DRAGON 40Ca experiment which was running in November 2005. It might be useful for a future similar situation. Date: Nov 17, 2005
HEBT Buncher Set Up for DRAGON
--obsolete-- Flammable Gas Warning @ DRAGON Ion Chamber
See the NEW Flammable Gas Warning @ DRAGON Ion Chamber. [Procedures on the web under Standard Procedures had been updated. Instructions in the blue binder at the alarm unit on the East wall was also updated by Mike Hauser.]
-- obsolete -- DRAGON access lock-up procedure
Date: March 29, 2004
DRAGON camera VNC instructions
DRAGON energy change instructions - May 23, 2009
Energy change instructions provided by Marco Marchetto for the present 17O3+ run to DRAGON. A copy has been placed in the ION binder.
Aligning the beam into DRAGON
Instructions provided by Marco
Energy Change Instructions -- April 9, 2010
Updated instructions provided by Marco. Due to the nature of this run the order of the steps is slightly different than past procedures. Note that the date on the PDF is incorrect. The alignment procedure can be found here:
DRAGON small energy change (general)
including hebt buncher setup & alignment, & tips for larger energy change; edited by JA, sent to Marco but not yet approved
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