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--obsolete-- TIGRESS Run
--obsolete-- TIGRESS Scalers
TIGRESS scalers to be monitored throughout the experiment S1069.
TIGRESS Shack temperature monitoring
Tigress 1 State-Of-Health (SOH) Variables and Alarms
Two alarms, "Tig1 Shack High Temperature" and "TIG1 SOH Watchdog Failure", for Tigress 1 have been added to ALH2 page under "EXPERIMENTS." When they alarm, please follow the instructions in:
94Sr restoration Spencer's method for Tigress
Aug. 4, 2013
TIGRESS lab N2 system
To shut off the LN2 supply to the whole room first make sure the system is in manual by pressing the "Manual" button in the upper middle of the page. Then close the "LCS1" valve in the upper-left. Be sure that you let someone from TIGRESS know that you have closed the LCS1 valve. This procedure is only for emergency situations like this morning where we needed to shut off the LN2 for the whole room. If you get an O2 alarm but the clouds are still confined to the detector lab then just let the exhaust system deal with it. If the clouds are starting to come out into the hall and have been unable to contact anyone from TIGRESS then follow this procedure. Rob S.
Tigress alignment - TA, May 14, 2016
what to touch, from MM a long time ago
Procedure for opening SEBT3A:IV4 during TIP runs
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