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--obsolete-- ISAC Firewall

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Obsoleted by J.Aoki 2017-11-02 based on new information provided by K.Ezawa: "Physical ISAC Firewall has been retired and ISAC Firewall rules are provided by CCN Juniper."


by Chris Payne, April 23, 200?


The ISAC Firewall, a computer in the network closet (room 115) has been installed and tested and appears to be working.

In case of failure of this machine, connection will be lost to the RF controls and the 2A PLC (both currently outside) which will appear as white signals (numbers and text are white, not white blocks as when IOC's are crashed) and the red "no PLC Communications text".

To bypass the firewall, go to room 115 (2T1 key required) and use the cable/instructions taped to the side of the computer in the bottom of the blue rack. Questions? Talk to me.

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