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Attached are a few "Blue Book" notes from 500MeV Ops regarding the operation of 2A.

by Andy Hurst, April 12, 2002


[Further ION note, now obsolete: "There is a reference to the p+ schedule. April 12 - 15.

"Do Not enable proton beam until I am available to check out 2A - we will want to keep the T.H. locked for the first bit."

The remainder of the notes are mostly still valid, FYI.]


From TRIUMF Operations Blue Book Note, by Andy Hurst, April 12, 2002: Beam Line 2A2 / 2A3 Selection

Beam line 2A now has two legs: 2A2 to ITW (ISAC Target West); and 2A3 to ITE (ISAC Target East). Beam can only be delivered to the on-line target as defined by the CCS ISAC Target Configuration Controller. This has been described by Lorne King.

In addition to shielding placements, the leg selection depends on the proper switching of magnets by way of a polarity switch in 2AB3 and load switches for 2A2/3B4, 2A2/3Q15, and 2A2/3Q16. These switches have been installed, commissioned, and tested for operation and configuration. John Drozdoff and I confirmed the function of the CSS interlocks for both selections. John has the commissioning documents.

I have set the beam line selection to 2A2. Instructions for changing the selection will be provided in a few weeks.

[Sections no longer valid: "Regarding the status April 12-15:

"We have some problems with the target bias that will require investigation Monday, and the ISAC Stable ion beam startup has not yet been completed, so there is no immediate need for radioactive ion beam. Nevertheless, I would like to tune up 2A at low intensity to recommission its operation.

"The schedule for April 12-15 is as follows:

"Tune up low intensity by A. Hurst some time over the weekend.

"Protons beam OFF Monday for work on ITW bias and ITE cooling.

"This will require both removal of some ITW shielding blocks (interlocked) and removal of the 2A ignition key to release the ITE cooling valve locks (procedure described in a related bbnote)."]

From TRIUMF Operations Blue Book Note, by Andy Hurst, April 12, 2002: ISAC Target Configuration Control

Lorne King has issued a note describing the ISAC Target Configuration Controller. He is in the process of commissioning the system as to permit proton beam operation. Not all of the devices have been implemented, so some procedures and lock outs have been applied.

Specifically, the supply and return valves for the water to ITE (ISAC Target East) do not yet have limit switches installed. So these valves have been locked in the closed position with ISAC Operations locks. The keys for these locks have been brought to 500MeV control room and placed in group lock box #1 with 500MeV Ops Lock #104 - documented on Defeat #3652.

Further commissioning of ITE will require running water through the header in the ITE MAA (Module Access Area). As described in Lorne's note, the proton beam must be off to ITW to have water flowing to ITE.

To turn the water on:

  • An ISAC operator will request the proton beam off and remove the proton enable.
  • The target hall coordinator (or designate) will obtain a 500MeV Ops work permit.
  • 500MeV Ops will shut down beam line 2A and remove the 2A ignition key.
  • 500MeV Ops will release the lock out keys in the group lock box to the TH coordinator.
  • The TH coordinator will unlock the valves and permit water to ITE.

On completion of the work, to restore proton beam:

  • The water valves will be closed and locked out by the TH coordinator.
  • The TH coordinator will return the work permit and submit the lockout keys to 500MeV Ops.
  • 500MeV Ops will lock the keys in the group lock out box.
  • 500MeV Ops will insert the 2A ignition key and, when requested by ISAC Ops, will restart 2A.
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