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Keeping Track of Downtime

By V. Toma, as per Bob Laxdal, July 13, 2007


FYI, Bob is trying to minimize the experiment downtime. To do this, he needs to know what causes downtime. This is why he asks ISAC Ops:

"I would like to see ISAC Ops include a downtime summary at the end of every shift in their 'end of shift' statement. It makes downtime more transparent for everyone. It does not have to be done to the minute or include every glitch and scratch, but at a minimum I want to know the proton availability and summary in time of major hardware, procedural, and experimental interventions/problems that affect beam delivery. To improve beam delivery I have to have a transparent record of downtime.



Using the "time tracker" we would have information about p+ on/off. Please add the RIB to the "time tracker". Ask Bob/Marco which RIB signal they want tracked and what the low limit should be. Include the p+ and RIB downtime in your "end of shift" comments. Please give some details about what caused the downtime.

As a reminder, the RIB off will be displayed under "other off". When p+ goes off the count of the RIB off stops and all off time is accounted under p+ off.

There is a "total time" that gives you the total time off (p+ off + RIB off). The "force off" button - if you put a FC in for whatever reason, and want to keep track of the time separate from p+ off or RIB off, press this button and a different times will be started. When you are finished, press the button again and the "force off" timer stops.


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