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In Case of a Power Outage: After the Site Power is Restored

During the last power outages the ISAC generator did not correctly transfer back to normal power. ISAC-II was affected adversely, in particular, the UPS system for the Computing Centre lost its power source. If the transfer does not go correctly, the UPS will only last about 15 minutes. Pictures of devices referred to are attached to the ION of Dec. 20, 2006.

by G. Roy, for F. Mammarella, Dec 20, 2006

WP Filename: Power Restored.wpd


During the power outage, the following sequence of events is anticipated:

  1. Site power off.
  2. ISAC generator ON - at this point all should be OK.
  3. Site power restored.
  4. Emergency Bus transferred back under Hydro (approx five minutes after Hydro power is restored).
  5. If the emergency power circuits to ISAC-II trips.
    1. How do you know? ISAC Ops will observe loss of emergency power in the control room. MCR will not know unless they immediately inspect ISAC-I and check the following:
    2. Check MCC-Y cct bkr [breaker?] "ISAC-II"; Location: ISAC Exp. Hall, grnd, SW corner, Panel MCC-Y, lower right hand corner - Reset if tripped.
  6. Check that the emergency lights in ISAC-II are ON (Room 163 & 164, See attachment).
  7. If the Main breaker to MCC-Y (Emergency Bus) trips.
    1. How do you know? The diesel generator continues to run for more than fifteen minutes. The MCR will have an indication in the FA panel (I believe (sic.)) that the ISAC-I diesel generator is running.
    2. Check PDC-T cct bkr [breaker?] "MCC-Y ATS Transfer Switch"; Location: ISAC Exp. Hall, L1, SW corner, Panel PDC-T, South side, on right - RESET if necessary.
  8. Visually inspect the ISAC-II UPS units (Room 260, Power Supply L1, SE corridor), and verify they are running OK. If not, notify Corrie Cost and Renee Poutissou.
  9. Call Franco, if necessary, otherwise send an e-mail report to
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