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--obsolete-- Work Permits and the TRIUMF Operating Licence

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By Lutz Moritz, Oct. 10, 2002, to 500 MeV Operations and ISAC Operations

     cc. Jim Hanlon, Mark Stenning, Andy Hurst


Because of a recent incident where a  work permit was issued that allowed a contractor free entry to the site via a door in the ISAC Experimental Hall that was designated a fire escape, I would like to re-emphasize that operators may not issue work permits that allow operation outside the parameters laid out in our Operating Licence. The description of how access is controlled to our site that was given to the CNSC says that all access to inside the security fence must be via the control point at the Main Entrance because of security concerns and because it is the only access point that is monitored for radiation. The only routine exception to this are the MDS Nordion delivery truck, which may exit via the West Gate, and emergency vehicles, which may, in principle, come in any way they can, although they normally are also let in via the West Gate. Special entry may be granted ONLY if the gate is manned by a TRIUMF staff member, and there are adequate radiation monitoring procedures instituted. To review the procedures, please look at Safety Note TSN 3.1.1 TRIUMF Site Admission Policy. I have updated the Safety Note to make this more explicit. The Safety Note can be found at Click on Safety Manual and then on Approvals. Any change to this procedure requires permission from the CNSC and may not be approved by anyone on site.

The same applies to any other licence condition or procedure defined in the supporting safety documentation or any of the CNSC regulations. Work Permits may not be issued for operation outside parameters defined in the Operating Licence. I would urge you to review the training module that can be found at Click on Training and go to the module Regulations and Licencing. Each Control Room should also have a copy of the applicable facility Safety Report and a copy of our current Operating Licence.

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