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--obsolete-- IRMS Warn and Trip Setpoints

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Date: June 1, 2006

Most IRMS detector warn and trip setpoints will soon be lowered from their current values of 100 and 1000uSv/h to 10 and 20uSv/h respectively. The exceptions will be the detectors around the target hall water packages and these will retain their higher warn setpoints with defeated trip functions. The rationale for the change was presented and approved during a recent design review.

 This will undoubtedly have implications for ISAC Operations although just how many warns and trips will occur is a bit of an unknown and will only be determined through operating experience.  In any case Operators should become familiar with how to raise and lower warn and trip setpoints when required, as well as how to document raised setpoints as a defeat.

Some kind of training for this procedures will eventually be delivered but that may not happen until September Shutdown.

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