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--obsolete-- New Procedures for Operation of HV Equipment

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By Violeta Toma, as per Anne Trudel

Date: Sep. 11, 2007


A new framework for working on high voltage equipment at TRIUMF has been finalized. This work was completed by a committee of experts at TRIUMF, with the goal of providing better safeguards for TRIUMF personnel when working with HV electrical equipment.

I would urge all TRIUMF staff working with HV electrical equipment to become familiar with the new Safety Note TSN 5.11 High Voltage Safety at TRIUMF. This Safety Note provides a definition for what constitutes high voltage equipment and limits who is authorized to perform work on high voltage equipment. A significant change for the work place is that work on any HV system can only be carried outby qualified persons and must first be authorized by a Designated Person (DP). The DP assumes responsibility for ensuring that the high voltage system is safely de-energized before work by a qualified person can commence. At the end of the work, the DP is responsible for safely re-energizing the system.

A list of all TRIUMF systems containing high voltage equipment has been assembled and includes the designated person for each system. In addition, a limited number of individuals have been identified as Unrestricted Designated Persons to work or coordinate work on all HV systems on site.

Group leaders must inform their division heads and EH&S whenever new HV equipment is purchased to ensure the list is updated for that equipment and the associated designated person(s). The office of Environment, Health, and Safety together with input from the respective division heads will have responsibility for keeping the list up to date.

Both TSN 5.11.1 High Voltage Safety at TRIUMF and the associated list of designated persons can be found on the EH&S website under Safety Notes/OH&S.

Please ensure that all future work on HV equipment is carried out within this new framework.

Offie of Environment Health and Safety

See for more information.

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