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Warn and Trip Levels for the Yield Station RMS

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Source: IOS by Violeta Toma, as per Anne Trudel

Date: Oct. 18, 2007, updated Oct. 29, 2007

Instructions in place until further notice


Safety is in the process of developing a procedure for operations to be able to change Warn and Trip levels within an allowable range for the RMS generally.

In lieu of this procedure, and in order to be able to accommodate the Yield Station measurements in the next few days, I authorize ISAC Operations to raise the trip level to 50µSv/h for the yield station monitor AND rope off the area with stanchions and signs at the 10µSv/h perimeter for a 50µSv/h dose rate at the station.

The warn level can be left at 10µSv/h, which will result in sporadic alarms, but could, if preferable in terms of the nuisance of the alarms, be raised to a maximum of 20µSv/h.

Operations will need to reset the levels and take down the signage once the yield station measurements are complete.

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