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-- obsolete -- ISAC II Accelerator Vault Access

By V. Toma, as per Joe Mildenberger, June 29, 2007


This is to notify ISAC Oparators and others, that the ISAC II accelerator vault must be surveyed prior to access as per stipulations in the ISAC II Safety Report:

8.2.4. Radiation Inspections/Surveys

A radiation survey must precede initial entry into the accelerator vault after operation. A radiation survey will consist of field measurements throughout the area to be entered.

In addition, as discussed in Section 9.3.2, a radiation survey must precede maintenance or repair work. These surveys will include swipes for removable contamination and air sampling if any of the vacuum systems are to be opened.

Please ensure that all Operators and people needing to work in this area are aware of this requirement.

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