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ISAC Target Maintenance Hall Emergency Pushbuttons

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Edit 2017-11-06: Confirmed with J.Drozdoff that the MAA push-button trips the cyclotron and the other push-buttons have been labelled "emergency evacuation". Edit 2017-11-08: The suspicion is that the other push-buttons are integrated into the Target Hall crane enable system (A.Mjos to follow-up).

By John Drozdoff and Jennifer Braun, April 7, 2004


to ISAC Ops and 500MeV Ops


The 'Emergency' puchbuttons in the ISAC Target Maintenance Hall are not interfaced to any ISAC or 500MeV facility beam control devices. Although similar in style to the well-known 500MeV cyclotron 'trip' buttons, the primary purpose of these buttons is to simply energize local TMH evacuation alarms in the event of some kind of craning accident during the movement of radiactive target modules.

The pushbuttons will be properly labelled in the near future.

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