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Radiation Levels at MEBT

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by Lutz Moritz, November 11, 2001.


In view of the elevated radiation fields experienced around MEBT during the recent running period to DRAGON, I would like to remind you of the following commitment that was made for operating without shielding in this area.


"Radiation around MEBT

The limitation on the beam will be entirely in terms of dose rates. The limit will be 10 µSv h^-1 at 3m from the loss points. IN this we will follow the usual procedure of 'roping off' and posting signs at the 10µSv h^-1 boundary. The boundary will not be allowed to extend more than 3m from the beamline. The ISAC operator will have the responsibility of enforcing this limitation."

[There is a note marked "see attached letter to the CNSC, March 28, 2001", from which this quotation was taken.]

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