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Survey requirements in the target hall

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Date: May 28, 2002

Neutron gamma surveys are required in the ISAC Target Hall once the proton beam is established on target after an ISAC target change or after a change in any of the other target station for either ITE or ITW. The survey should occur when the beam current is first raised to 1uA to confirm the integrity of the shielding above both target stations. Thereafter, radiation surveys should be performed at every significant increase in beam current, e.g. 5, 10, 50, and 100 uA or at he maximum current desired at the time.


These surveys are performed by a member of the Radiation Protection Group. However, should the beam increase occur during off hours, an ISAC Operator could perform a cursory survey of the Target Hall. The attached map shows the minimum seven locations where neutron/gamma survey measurements should be taken. The survey readings are taken at the lowest level of accessible shielding. Thus with ITE open, as shown on the map, the readings for ITE would be taken at the 275' level and for ITW at he 284' level.


This cursory survey is satisfactory until an RPG surveyor can complete a more thorough survey on the next working day. Access to the Target Hall ought to be limited until the extensive survey has been completed.


When accessing the Target Hall to perform the survey operators should remember that fields may have changed significantly since the last survey at a lower beam current.



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